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Other Product Lines.

Xeleum Small

Advanced LED lighting products for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Wessel smallWessel LED Lighting Systems™
Linear LED lighting fixtures custom made in the USA, developed to deliver the very best LED lighting solution for designers and manufacturers alike.

Hafele SmallHÄFELE™ USA
In the fast moving LED market, Häfele™ set the pace with its LED cabinet lighting. Here at DayOne Lighting we have experience with these products and can specify and integrate the LED fixtures you need.

Lumisheet smallerLumiStick™ LED Light Stick
The LumiStickTM design allows for easy integration into commercial & retail displays. It’s simple design is also perfect for hidden recessed applications.

Tilt Small

Groundbreaking LED flat panel product that installs flush with ease. Tilt™ praises itself for efficiency, ease of install, and pure beauty.

Dongbu Lightec USA smallDongbu Lightec, USA™
Founded in 1989, Dongbu Lightec™ has grown to be a global leader in the fields of LED lighting. Dongbu Lightec USA™ (DLU), US Division of Dongbu Lightec™, was established in 2011 as part of the global initiatives of Dongbu Lightec™.

Night Panels

Night Panels
Night Panels offer recurring visual pattern of scattered dots of light—when they appear in the form of distant stars, constellations, and Northern lights—that is both calming and enchanting.

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